Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Terms and definitions

1.1. Alladyn.net – portal designed for searching out and adding companies, products and their descriptions with photographs to portal database. The platform also publishes trade news and trends. Alladyn.net is owned by GJC Inter Media. Alladyn.net – European reach, language - English.

1.2 Company localization – country on which territory company runs its business and has its registered business address.

1.3 „Membership packet fees” - prepaid right for Suppliers to use database and other portal functions.

1.3.1 „Gold account” – optional, temporal membership packets for Suppliers/ Manufacturers providing access to additional functions described on the website. Service prices are provided either for 1 year (365 days) or 6 months (183 days). All prices could be found on the pricelist page of Alladyn.net.

1.3.2. „Basic account” – free account limited in the way described at portal, designed for Suppliers/ Manufacturers, granted to the user automatically while logging in, giving access to functions described at portal.

1.4 „Commercial offer” - temporarily available space in „alladyn.net“ portal database enabling Suppliers to present products or services (with description and photograph) sales offers.

1.5. „Moment of starting a contract” - moment, since which GJC Inter Media Sp. z o.o. starts to carry out services.

1.6. „User” – every natural or legal person using alladyn.net portal or trade database. Only the companies related to Advertising Gifts industry have discretion to registration and logging in.

§2 Capability, functionality and liability

2.1 Alladyn.net enables Advertising Gifts Industry professionals to add their companies and products with their descriptions to the database.

2.1.1 It is forbidden to place telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, www addresses and any other forms of communication including numbers of internet communicators in sales offers content.

2.1.2 Descriptions, titles and photographs should be placed in the specially designed for this purpose places. Language of the description should be appropriate to the language version (point 1.1). It is allowed to add products related to Advertising Gifts market. Identical product can be published once in only one of the language versions.

2.2 Companies related to Advertising Gifts Industry are the only ones to be registered at the portal. Alladyn.net is a portal designed for Advertising Gift market companies based in Europe.

2.3 GJC Inter Media does not bear liability for the content and photographs of published offers. It is the company managing the account at alladyn.net which bears the liability for mentioned above issues.

2.4 GJC Inter Media reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account, the owner of which does not follow points of these very Terms and Conditions.

2.5 It is forbidden to use the portal in any other way than: browsing/searching for companies, products, news and trends; adding products, companies and completing their description sand adding photographs; sending enquiries. It is also forbidden to send spam, advertisements and information inconsistent with the regulations of the portal as content of messages. In case of braking the above regulations „alladyn.net-GJC Inter Media“ has the discretion to cancel a contract with User.

§3 Final provisions

3.1. In case of any doubts or questions not coming within these Terms and Conditions administrator of alladyn.net should be contacted directly.

3.2. These very Terms and Conditions and Price list of services may be changed by „alladyn.net“ in any moment.

3.3. Alladyn.net portal administrator shall inform about changes to these Terms and Conditions and periods within which the changes are in effect at alladyn.net website.

3.4. Using Alladyn.net services is tantamount to acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Price list.

3.5. Terms and Conditions are in effect since 16.03.2011