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If you are interested in the advertising campaign choose one of the following options:
Nazwa Display place Display module Size See
Banner 1 Home/ Product search results/ Supplier search results at the very top 987x150 picture
Banner 2 home beneath news module 430x145 picture
Banner 3 home beneath trends module 180x140 picture
Banner 4 on the BASIC supplier's page on the BASIC supplier's page 987x150 picture
Banner 5 in news/trends section news/trends 280x145 picture
Other services:
Name Options
E-mailing Possibility of sending messages to the companies related to advertising industry database. You can choose your „target“ by factors such as reach or activity.
Sponsored article Sponsored article is a form of advertisement about product, company or event. It is published in news or trends section and additionaly it will be displayed at the first page in news/trends module for at least one day.