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Manufacturer of packaging boxes

Irbox - Manufacturer of packaging boxes

We are the manufacturer of decorative, occasional and industrial packaging. Thanks to our 23 years of experience, we are able to accept any unusual order for the production of packaging according to the design and customer requirements. Our specialties include: shaped (die-cut) packaging, veneered boxes, folding boxes made of solid cardboard, decorative cardboard boxes, complicated boxes made by hand, laminated boxes, cases for medals, albums, packaging and advertising products, bookbinding services, confectioning, foiling , co-packing and others. We guarantee quick and solid performance and attractive prices. We provide comprehensive service for each order, as well as the possibility of delivery to any country in Europe.

We specialize in the production of high-quality packaging made of solid cardboard, bottom + lid type, covered with decorative paper dyed in mass or printed paper. Thanks to a modern automatic technological line for the production of glued boxes, we can offer excellent quality, competitive prices and quick delivery times. We also make folding boxes made of solid cardboard, so they can be transported and stored flat.