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Auki Smart Phone

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, and parting from them is nothing less than a nightmare. Market is flooded with mobile phones that come coated with different styles and features. How about owning one that can be worn around the wrist? Yes, you read it right! Gwen Fred has designed one, named Auki Smart Phone, which will decorate your wrist while serving all the functions of a typical cellular phone.
Auki has been designed in an attention-grabbing way and is quite supple. Phones have replaced wristwatches, and this smart product will try to revive the whole magic. The overall design comprises of a flexible spine, touch screen surface, solar panels, battery and fabric on the inside. The new-century gadget will harness energy from the sun, through solar panels, to perform various functions. This helps save precious resources, making it an eco friendly gadget. The energy fetched is stored in batteries for further use.

The spine of this smartphone sprinkles structural support and keeps it in a rigid form, while keeping the qualities to swap it into a wristwatch intact. When not in use, its screen shifts to a standby mode, making Auki an energy saving device. Solar panels become visible, while the displayed graphics fade away, when the phone slips into a standby mode. It has been devoid of any memory storage component. The advanced tool makes good use of cloud computing technology for media storage and program processing. The information, seen on its screen, is remotely processed and stored through the cloud computing technology.

The phone will become your notepad and store important dates and events. User can set reminders with the help of its note processing feature. Normally, these messages/reminders will look faded, but as the event or time comes closer, they automatically surface and become bright. Wallpapers can be changed and made to match the user’s outfit or mood. These wrist screensavers will add a special touch and flavor to the phone. The dainty device has a Wi-Fi system, which will help remain connected with the world always.

You are planning to bake a cake and have stumbled upon a new recipe but afraid of referring the steps time and again, which at times can get a bit irritating. Fret no more! Auki will become your personal assistant and make sure you don’t miss a single step even when both your hands are busy. Wow! This sounds yummy. It will become your personal health trainer and keep a check on your performance while exercising.

Keep a track on all kinds of information, and that too the hands free way. Auki Smart Phone will become like a remote control that will have power over all spheres of your life in an ingenious way. The practical gadget vows to keep you connected with your loved ones and will let you communicate with anyone around the globe. Auki, with so many useful features, is bound to form an everlasting bond with its users.