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Overview: The H2O Water Candle Kit allows you to create a custom candle with items you already have lying around the house. All you need are the kit, a glass container, water, and cooking oil! To build your candle, fill any glass vessel with water, add a bit of coloring powder to get your desired hue, pour in a thin layer of cooking oil, and insert the floating wick platform. H2O Instant Water Candles create a flame that appears to be floating directly on the surface of the water! It's easy peasy, and a perfect way to personalize any event, whether it's a wedding, baby shower, or just a cozy dinner at home. Available in blue, green, pink, red, and violet. You control the color when making your candle. For a darker hue, add more coloring powder. Each kit will burn for up to 300 hours! Features & specs: Non-toxic Includes 18 cotton wicks Includes three plastic floating platforms Includes
Overview: Keep your desk clean and tidy with the Dust Extinguisher Mini Desktop Vacuum. This adorable vacuum is incredibly easy to use. Just flip the on/off switch and start devouring dust, debris, and crumbs with the convenient 4-inch nozzle. Cleaning is a snap, too. All of your collected trash is stored in the twist-off top. Simply remove it as well as the snap-in filter when it's time to
Motive: wählen Sie aus mehr als 250 Motiven Maße: 205 x 133 x 10 mm (BxHxT) Einheit: Stück Gewicht/Einheit: 75 g Qualität: Vollmilchschokolade, Kakao mind. 30% Werbung: Gesamtfläche Verpackung: 50 Stück/Karton Mindestbestellmenge: 100 Stück Angebot: "Angebot anfordern" anklicken!
It's a toy. It's a flashlight. It's a LEGO®! This oversized LEGO® "minifigure" features a bright LED in each of its feet. Kids will love this flashlight for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips, reading in bed, or run-of-the-mill power outages. Like any standard minifigure, the LEGO® Torch Flashlight features a twisting head and rotating arms, legs, and hands. Requires 3 AAA batteries which are
Auki has been designed in an attention-grabbing way and is quite supple. Phones have replaced wristwatches, and this smart product will try to revive the whole magic. The overall design comprises of a flexible spine, touch screen surface, solar panels, battery and fabric on the inside. The new-century gadget will harness energy from the sun, through solar panels, to perform various functions. This
Elastic string suspensor StringFix always comes with 2 sets in one package. Not only the practical advantages of PinString and MemoString join this article - it also allows a completely individual appearance by choosing among various colours and inserting either the included motifs or personal pictures in the built-in picture frames. StringFix is fixed by self-adhisive dots without any tooling

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